Getting your home ready to sell can be overwhelming and intimidating. Some renovation can defiantly help while others can be a waste of time and money. Renovation can only work if you getting at least 50% to 70% in return and sell your home faster than your competition. First, we have to see whether you own a turnkey home that is ready for new buyers, touch-up scenario or it requires work and renovation to attract buyers. It’s important to spend money on the right things which will get a good return.

Things to Consider:

The most common things in house buyers get attracted to are updated kitchen and bathrooms. Buyers mostly like turn-key homes where they don’t have to spend money right away after buying since they will be putting a big amount as a downpayment. Also, they scared to deal with contractors right away after going through the process of buying as it requires so much time.

We have helped many of our sellers in both situations, helping them in remodeling or selling as-is. Our experts can go into the detail of explaining whether it is worth remodeling your house before selling or not and what can we offer if your home requires more work